(It's all about YOU!)

What makes sense doesn't always work... And what works doesn't always make sense...
Until we meet.
More often than not, you possess everything required for a great life but are unaware of it and spend a lifetime searching for it. Most of the things we desire and try to manifest are actually "delivered" to us, but we don't recognize them as such and keep searching...
Sometimes you need to look at situations from a different perspective instead of trying to change them, but If you do decide to change, remember: "Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced." I will guide you on how to face it with the best strategy and outcomes for all involved. This applies both in your personal life and in business.
Why Higher Strategy Solutions?
Because the solutions I provide are unique and original and don't usually exist in your current reality.
(If you haven't visited my YouTube channel, please do: www.youtube.com/c/shlomofriedman.)
I have been an entrepreneur for the first half of my life; I started and exited several thriving high-tech companies and enjoyed every bit of it... and I never worked for anybody but myself.
Then, when I was 46, something “snapped”; I needed a new purpose in my life, and material gains did not cut it anymore; so I re-invented myself into what I am today; A coach, mentor, guide and a practical philosopher. At about that time, I met a palm reader while in an elevator in Manhattan; out of the blue, he said: "show me your hand"... He looked at it and said: "You are going to make everybody who interacts with you rich..." This proved to be true. I love meeting people and sharing my knowledge, insight and spiritual energy with them. On my YouTube channel, I have over 100 videos with original content on personal success, changing the destiny imposed by our personality, the structure of our reality and much more. With the vast experience I gained with life, people & business, I can help you in many unique ways to up your strategies and solutions. I can help you both personally and in any business situation.
One of my many talents is "reading" faces; I can advise you with high accuracy and in real-time about people you deal with by looking at their pictures.
In addition, if you enrol in a multi-session program, you will be offered to join our Focus Group, where we meet monthly on Zoom and discuss new and old challenges and solutions.
If you are looking for single one-hour sessions, please visit me at  WWW.TALKFORLIFE.COM. For the programs listed here, I offer a half-hour exploratory session; please email me.