"The quantum model of reality tells us that to change our lives we must fundamentally change the ways we think, act and feel. We must change our state of being. Because how we think, feel and behave is, in essence, our personality. It’s our personality that creates our personal reality. So to create a new personal reality and life, we must create a new personality; we must become someone else. To change, then, is to think and act greater than our present circumstances." Dr. Joe Dispenza.

 1. Who drives You?

Analyzing your personality. After our first meeting, I will prepare an outline of your personality. We will establish your strengths and weaknesses. We will examine how this aligns with your current reality and discuss what kind of people and activities best suit you.

2. Self-confidence

Pre-conceived ideas about yourself? Seeing yourself through the eyes of others? How to use your strengths rather than weaknesses. Writing a life-changing letter to yourself, more.

3. The perceived age crisis: 30, 40, 50?

How to see the advantages at those intersections. When a door is closing, another opens with greater potential and possibilities; let's enter it.

4. Challenged? Face it!

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” How to “face it” the right way.

5. Urgent vs Important.

The difference between urgent and important. Strategic thinking. The Eisenhower Matrix.

6. The secret of taking action.

How to outline a goal, desire or intention into a PHYSICAL action plan. Why "moving" in life is critical to well-being. Action vs Spirituality.

7. Reaching very high.

And getting there. The virtual line of impossibilities and how to manipulate it.

Progress, NOT perfection. (TED video)

Watch this video; it will change your perception on achieving. (click heading)

8. Nourishing your soul.

You may have all the success in the world and still not be happy unless you nourish your soul. Understanding the bigger picture of reality.

9. Mapping & understanding significant events in your life.

This usually takes two sessions. We look at what was planted in your subconscious that needs to be overwritten.

10. A session with Mihael.

Mihael is a mind&body coach. He specializes in trauma and chronic pain and gained a reputation as a therapist who can Initiate transformative change. He is also a great healer & Psychic.

11. Reality Transurfing, is it for you?

How to use it pragmatically in your life. We go over all the important concepts: Outer Intention, Pendulums etc.

12. The Blaming Game.

When things go wrong, who, or what do you blame? If you blame external factors, you relinquish control over your life.

13. Philosophy 101: Why are we here?

To be happy, we must feel some degree of control: But to be in control, we must understand what our destination is...

What do you want, be specific.

Most know what they don't want, and when asked what they DO want,90% will say Financial Independence, Perfect Health and Perfect Relationships. This is not enough; you must be specific and realistic.

The price of (feeling) not being in control.

Most illnesses are caused by the feeling of not being in control. When you take any action, you start to feel like being in control.

Building a business.

I will advise you on the important components: Structure, people, feasibility, achievability and more.

Partners & Key employees.

One of the cornerstones of your business, your choice is critical.

Structuring you business.

An error at inception can become a significant issue moving forward.

How to raise funds?

Private or public? Family & friends or institutions? More...

Your business vs. Your personality, a match or a conflict?

This is critical in the long run; for both your health & the business'.

Is it universally viable or just in your eyes?

Let's make sure you are not biased here.

Management relations.

Having conflicts among key people? This is my specialty. I can see through people and reason with them in required.

How to go public?

Where best to list? The process, cost a & benefits, requirements, contacts.


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