Here I listed all your answers on the registration form for the Focus Group, anonymously.

About Me: I am a particularly blessed person and have had an amazingly colourful and interesting life. I am now seeking to launch my life in a direction of healing and trust Uncle Shlomo to show me the Way.
Topics: Best tools for altering thought and attitude. Reality creation. Navigating our awareness and life through the current external environment. Changing the world - the tools and attitudes required.

About Me: Honoured to be here to serve humanity on this great adventure.
Topic: I’m all in

About Me:  very curious and happy to play this game of life.
Topics: reality transurfing sharing my experiences with reality transurfing Mental fascination

About Me: Elegant lady, conscious, kind, caring, would like to communicate with lovely international friends, intelligent, clever, appreciate sense of humour, prefer multiculturalism.
Topics: Healing from terminal diseases, overcoming hard recurrent patterns or situations, wealth and love, setting the goals and details

About Me:  Am very interested about life and how it works at all levels of existence. My mind is usually open.
topics:  Deep Truths, Spirituality, Love, Wisdom, Clarity

About Me:  I'm an artist. I have a wife and daughter.
Topics: Overcoming negative news about my life. Staying strong and positive and Ignoring the negative

About Me: I am attuning more to me (& my creations); and transmitting healing and knowledge as called to help others, using the gifts Creator has created with Me. And I love and appreciate you 😊
Topics: Shifting or Creating New Realities/Manifestations, Optimally.

About Me:  I am in my mid 40s, been going through the awakening journey for the last handful of years, and have been looking to see where I can develop my talents and move more fully into my life‘s purpose. I care about health and natural healing, sovereignty, and Have a deep interest in the metaphysical and all things spiritual/alien and bringing love/inner peace into each of our lives.
Topics:  Very interested in understanding more about starseeds and some of Dolores Cannon‘s work on past life regressions/3 waves of volunteers. Also interested in using our knowledge of energy to work through daily life like when things get stressful with government mandates, economic pressures etc (how to keep above the negative energy).

About Me:
Topics: How to use personality to achieve a goal...

About Me: Information Technologist ⌨ 30-Year Code Warrior πŸ”— Blockchain Brother. Founding Engineer at Diaphanous, a US-based software firm providing web3-as-a-service.
Topics:  compassionate entrepreneurship

About Me: Happy to be here!!! I am a creative marketer with a sales spirit :) Braveheart. Bold. Building from 0 to hero whenever I feel it will make a difference. Enthusiastic. I started this spiritual journey 3 years ago and want to keep expanding my horizons and abilities to see reality.
Topics: Who I AM The secret of action Shooting very high Subconscious understanding Reality transurfing Manifesting Management relations

About Me:  I am reading about manifesting for more than 10 years; manifested lots of things, my company, car, and life. Start with Vadim Zeland, I read all his books. I am ortodox cristian, belive in Crist.
Topics:  I would like to know more about how this world functions, and how things materialise in this world. How to know if manifestation will happen.

About Me:  I was a nurse for many years and recently had open heart surgery,I have no desire to go back to nursing; my goal is to help people to wake up to who we really are and how to know why we are here while learning and living from that point,I am opening to learning because I know it’s so much to learn about ourselves and this Universe.
Topics:  Well, Shlomo has really touched on a lot of subjects, Healing which is an inside job, speaking in telepathic, The Dream World, more on manifesting, and I continue to be open to Learning.

About Me: Love

About Me: My profession is Accountancy, I am a Financial Controller for a small company. I have always felt drawn toward business and want to run my own business. I enjoy working out and see the importance of keeping fit for longevity and mental health.
Topics: Consciousness, what separates individuals, is intelligence gained or is it simply a connection we make to a superconsciousness. Personality and its effects on how we see the world and how it separates us again from the haves and the haves not. My childhood was based around poverty and lack and while I have come a long way and am now a Financial Controller (Accountant) I still feel I live in that lack mentality. I am very interested in how much of my circumstances I create from my own thoughts and how I can tap into the power to change them and help others to do the same.

About Me:  I am that I am.
Topics: The Truth, Spirituality, Reality Creation.

About Me: Sami Aka Glass Half Full haha Ps: Website on point Shlomo !!
Topics:  Spirituality/Business/Navigate life

About Me: I am Bulgarian and live in Germany. I live next to Frankfurt, Germany and work in the city. I speak Bulgarian, Russian, English and German. I have read the Transsurfing books and they impressed me very much, also how I see life. Also, your view of life and the Creator and all your theories and discussion. They make me think deeper about these topics. Thank you, Shlomo.
Topics: I would recommend what is on my mind very often: how my/our reality fits into those of others; ways to change how mankind`s system is working; new world view; what is the cause of all the suffering on the planet and can this be changed; worlds problems like pollution, poverty, ...

About Me:  Living my best life!!! πŸ’«
Topics:  The key πŸ—οΈ to this reality is to learn as much as you can about yourself. Nothing else matters.

About Me:  Currently, it is my hobby to do tarot readings and teach people how to access their intuition. I hope to turn this into a business after I complete my book.
Topics: I am getting back into reality transurfing after a long break. Personally, I would love a refresher.

About Me:  I can describe my avatar/personality as a highly conscious and aware person who tries to everyday combat and overcome negative programming in order to thrive in this world. Some days i'm successful, and some days I'm not, but the trend definitely is in the right direction.
Topics: Consciousness, healing, psychic abilities/intuition, subconscious programming, manifestation and anything else that causes headaches to scientists.

About Me: I am a 73 y.o. and I am on a path to create a new life.
Topics:  1. How to tap into the global energy to help us. 2. Is there an afterlife? 3. How to become all we can be and use our skills and gifts to benefit all. 4. How to rid ourselves from self-limiting beliefs due to trauma and poor choices.

About Me: I am on the edge of the start of warping my reality fot the better.
Topics: Self-realization.

About Me: Philosopher, Vietnamese Spring roll business owner, Brian Scott fan, Shlomo fan, Aaron Abke fan, lover of happiness, philosophy and spirituality. Want to help in making the world more conscious.
Topics:  Nature of reality, purpose, God, making a business spiritual, flow...

About Me: Out on a search for an Adventure and the wisdom that comes from it.
Topics:  Money Money and Money Spirituality Health Freedom...

About Me:  very interested in increasing consciousness.
Topics: spiritual pathways.

About Me:  I’m a digital marketing agency owner/consultant, a former binge-drinking booze hound for 30+ years, and I beat that addiction in an instant by simply changing my identity…since then (its been over 6 years now since I drank) my ice has completely turned around, and things began happening. Am at a space now where I am asking, “What’s next/. What do I want to do?” And am often overwhelmed with all the opportunities….but hey, it beats the pants off the bottomless pit of alcohol I was swimming in for soo long, right?!!?!?!? :) P.S. - Please excuse the photo; I just took it ad haven’t shaved in many days. Being an entrepreneur has its benefits, one of which is not having to look pretty all the time for work ;)
Topics: Leveling up life, business, finding purpose, sharing purpose.

About Me:  Hello am exploring life and want to get free myself in order to free others.
Topics:  Reality creation, independence from any form of slavery, discovering one’s own true potential.

About Me: Just along for the ride - enjoying the human experience and all that comes with it.
Topics: How to keep conversation with the divine going (avoid the human ego traps and becoming distracted by the difficulties of everyday life) If we feel a connection with the divine and realize everything is within us, how to keep motivation to continue playing the "game of life" (for example if we feel complete within we might lose ambition and desire to chase external goals/achievements - is this a negative thing?) Reconciliation of "bad things" happening to "good people" - does this imply karma? Do we accept negative events as possibly a "good thing"? Many lifetimes theories etc. Just some thoughts - excited to hear what others will discuss!

About Me: Visionary, Philanthropist, Spiritual Intellectual, Empath.
Topics:  Law of Universe, Taoism vs Law of Attraction, Aligning inner intention with outer intention.

About Me: 50+ years old, Married with Children.
Topics: 1. Really trying to work with Strong lifelong emotions using Manifestation/ Transurfing Techniques. Harder than I thought it would be, because of so many negatives going at me. 2. The All. (from the book Kybalion) ... This entity came from nowhere and realized itself with nothing. I think we should Love God for what has been achieved and what it went through to bring this to us. But...I think in order to have love (+) it must create a takeaway, evil (-). Is this our Mission to solve this life problem? The Buddha tried and came up with Neutrality. Really would love a Coffee one day with you Shlomo Thanks for what you do.

About Me: Love your channel and all that you share with us. I am here because what you say rings true for me and my journey.
Topics:  Anything is fine.

About Me: Born and raised in an Anglican home, but as I got older, I realized Christianity or the Bible don’t have the answers to the crucial questions I had for decades. That’s where my journey began.
Topics:  How to change one’s personality if possible.
How to manifest positive, drastic change in one’s reality.
Dreams and their meaning.

About Me: Began my self development journey at age 17 expanding into spiritual evolution and manifestation learning starting around 1999. Last year, ended my decades long self employment as National sports coach in addition to part time social worker/case worker counselling and wellness consulting. Planning to develop a new business over this year.
Topics: Interested in many of the suggested topics listed on your website.

About Me:  I am interested in continuing to learn the nature of reality. My lifetime of experiences and seeking has brought me to this moment of filling out this form. Thank you for what you have shared.
Topics: I would like to hear discussions on presented topics by others and yourself to learn and deepen understanding. Maybe that’s a good question. How can I deepen my understanding of reality to the point that you do? Is there a limit to understanding? Is my consciousness everyone’s consciousness? Am I all there really is?

About Me: I am 23 years old , I work in sales and I am working on creating a beautiful future for myself and the people I care about while also making a positive impact on the collective. The main thing that I still am working towards what is a very big challenge for me is that I struggle with burnout related health symptoms , fatigue and panick attacs and stuff like that, but I believe that I will find a solution for that as well.
Topics: Health / manifestation.

About Me: On a spiritual quest...
Topics:  Parallel realities etc...

About Me:  I am a friendly, looking to improve myself always learning about the universe etc.
Topics: Affect of judging people.

About Me: Very long time seeker of God/the Universe/Truth😊


About Me:
I am a digital healthcare leader in my professional life as well as a former neuroscientist. In my personal life, I'm really into the works of Neville, Joe Dispenza and Vadim Zealand. I first discovered Shlomo when I was looking at some content around reality transurfing and instantly took a liking to Shlomo's approach.
Reality creation, the current state of global affairs, consciousness.