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You can have it “if you know how to ask.”.. a 12 week program.

Everything you ever wanted or will want exists and is available... So why don't we all have it?? Well, maybe you cannot have it all, but here I will show you, practically, how you can have everything you need to make you happy, fulfilled and successful. There is nothing available to the most successful people in the world that is not available to you; those resources are infinite. What it takes is removing the "Reduction Funnels." Those funnies are transparent to you, but in this program, we will identify them and either remove or minimize them to clear the way for you to achieve what is naturally yours. 12 X 1-hour meetings. The cost is $4,500.

Introductory 30 min. Session. (free)

To ensure we can work together and deliver the life-changing guidance you deserve, I offer a free 30-minute exploratory meeting. Please click on the heading to book.

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A variety of single sessions available here:

The Disney Creative Strategy: Turning your idea into a reality.

When it comes to creative planning, finding the right way to transform imaginative thinking into a concrete business strategy can be hard. You need to dream big to devise possible ways of solving a particular problem. At the same time, you need to be able to focus on the detail needed to put your plan into action successfully. 6 meetings over 2 months. $2450.

How to make what you already have, BIGGER.

You don't have to start from scratch... Many are already doing something to achieve an outcome, but they grow linearly. In this set of meetings, we will explore and execute methods to ascend a few stairs at a time rather than just one... This program consists of 5 weekly meetings; the cost is $1,500. Please get in touch with me to book.