This is a tool for brainstorming and developing ideas. It involves using three sequential roles, or thought processes, namely the Dreamer, the Realist, and the Critic.

As we imagine and develop your idea, we move from one role to the next, putting ourselves into these different mindsets so that we can better analyze what we are doing.

Below are the essential elements associated with each role:

  1. The Dreamer Taking on the Dreamer role in this first phase, we focus on free association and brainstorming ideas. Anything goes here. It's your chance to let your imagination run wild!
  2. The Realist Next, it's time to be realistic and decide which ideas are actually possible or practical. What would you need to do in the real world in order to make them happen?
  3. The Critic Here we need to examine your chosen proposal from the previous phase and its real-world implications from a more critical viewpoint. We want to make sure that the plan is comprehensive and stands a good chance of succeeding in the real world.

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